solution explainer video (white board animated style)


  1. Hello, welcome to you! as an evangelist of
  3. A brand new VST will improve your
  4. creative literacy.
  5. Let's see what changes there are.
  6. Note that, of course, this video was also created with VST.
  7. First, we provide you with the UI that you know best.
  8. Animation videos can easily explain complex concepts
  9. for your customers.
  10. Unleash your creativity with a slide interface like PowerPoint.
  11. Create multiple slides for each message.
  12. and VST will automatically create the animation for you.
  13. Second,
  14. experience the next generation AI voice.
  15. VST has the latest generation of AI voice engines.
  16. Easily create videos with AI voices
  17. that sound as natural as human voices.
  18. Third, get a copyright-free stock library.
  19. We have gathered all the resources you need for your storytelling video.
  20. You can drag and drop video footage, images, icons, BGM.
  21. and even sound effects.
  22. Of course, you do not have to worry about copyright.
  23. We already have an extended license agreement for you.
  24. Apart from that, many more updates are waiting for you.
  25. Sign up now and experience the whole new VST.

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