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  1. Ever Heard the One About the Tortoise and the Hare?
  2. Once upon a time, the Tortoise and the Hare decided to have a race. Before the race started, the Hare taunted the Tortoise, saying,
  3. "Hey, slowpoke, think you can beat me?" Surprisingly, the Tortoise replied, "You're right, you're super fast. I probably can't win." "But hey, let's have a drink and give it our best shot," he added, handing over a beverage. Little did the Hare know, that drink was spiked with a sleeping potion.
  4. So, just as the race began, the Hare dozed off. After a long nap, he woke up in a panic, only to find the Tortoise way ahead in the distance. But hey, the Hare wasn't known for his speed for nothing. He quickly caught up to the Tortoise and crossed the finish line first. However, he was disqualified for doping. Yep, that happened.

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