Manually syncing subtitles

Even if there are multiple lines of text on the slide, in the state where [Automatic Slide Division] is set, each line will be displayed one by one.

VideoStew automatically adjusts the timing at which text appears, designed to sync with the voice, but occasionally the sync may be off. In such cases, you can insert special characters in the text to delay or hasten the timing of the content's appearance. |Special Character|Description| |--|--| |`<<`| This character makes the line appear 0.25 seconds faster.| |`>>`| This character makes the line appear 0.25 seconds slower.| To manually change the speed, it is good to use the `Enter` key to separate each line. Then, by using the preview, insert the character in front of or behind the line where timing adjustment is necessary. The example below shows how to insert the '>>' symbol after the sentence 'Today, stay healthy' appears faster than the voice and slightly delays it. If the timing is much off, you can use multiple special characters. In the case of '>>>>', it will be delayed by 0.5 seconds, right? ![](스크린샷_2023-05-03_오후_10.10.48.png?_=1i5663o)