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DuctIn's Video Marketing Strategy: A Specialist in HVAC Products

DuctIn is a specialist company dealing with products necessary for HVAC systems, such as ventilation, dehumidification, and humidification. They mainly sell ducts, blowers, and exhaust fans needed for ventilation systems.

When they set their business site with an offline distribution target in early 2020, COVID-19 struck a month later, forcing them to shift their focus to online strategies sooner than expected.

How has DuctIn managed to navigate through this crisis and continue to move forward with their online strategies? Let's dive into the story of DuctIn's CEO, Kim Ji-yu, and Manager Park Ji-eun.

Bringing Offline Strengths Online!

One of the advantages of offline sales is the ability to deliver detailed information about the product's function and how to use it on-site. However, the moment you move online, conveying information through texts and images becomes limited.

That's why we firmly believe video content is the answer. Showing the sound of the fan and how it's installed through videos makes it easier for you to understand. While there might be downsides like noise levels varying with volume, it still gives a fair idea of noise and airflow.

< Building DuctIn's channel through VideoStew >

Early days on YouTube were filled with trials and errors. Firstly, the products we deal with were not inherently entertaining, making us ponder on how to spin them into engaging stories. Secondly, before using VideoStew (now our go-to), editing each piece with Premiere was challenging. Especially for a B2B YouTube channel like ours, not seeing immediate subscriber growth or performance results can be disheartening after putting so much effort into content creation.

Injecting Fun into Boring Topics

It's hard to find enjoyment in products from my industry. While hardware product reviews are somewhat popular, creating content that involves directly spinning a large fan and demonstrating connections with ventilation ducts is both difficult to produce and challenging to make engaging.

That led us to think critically about how we could differentiate and arouse interest. Providing meaningful information to an interested target audience seemed to be the solution.

Initially, we just captured the installation process as is. But as we started to understand what our viewers wanted to gain from our videos, we began designing our content more strategically.

For instance, we now illustrate the essential points in a construction video or compare pros and cons of related products. We may not create stories like in movies, but we continue to ponder over "the fun of obtaining professional information."

< Informational content showcasing product noise tests >

Content that clarifies common misconceptions about ventilation and HVAC equipment also receives positive feedback. What might be obvious to professionals can be surprising facts to the general public. We strive to provide content tailored for both B2B and B2C audiences.

Enhancing Editing Efficiency and Focusing on Planning with VideoStew

Actually, we almost gave up on our YouTube channel four years ago because manual editing with Premiere was daunting. Discovering VideoStew, thanks to a non-face-to-face voucher support program, was a game-changer. It required some time to get acquainted with this new tool, but it greatly benefitted us in the end.

Being cloud-based, managing projects became hassle-free. In the past, we had to store video sources on a hard drive and transfer files if we switched computers. But with VideoStew, everything is done online, making it convenient regardless of location.

Most importantly, it significantly reduced the time and effort needed for editing. Thanks to template features, applying subtitles and effects became easier, and the AI voice feature was a revelation. With just text input, narration was automatically generated, eliminating the need for recording.

The essence of video content is planning, isn’t it? Thanks to VideoStew, we were able to save the energy that would have been spent on editing, allowing us to focus more on content planning.

We believe automated subtitle features will make it even more convenient for us!

Aspiring to Become the Content Hub for Ventilation and HVAC

The industry dealing with ducts inherently doesn't mesh well with digital. Most sales and product introductions occur through in-person interactions. Our goal is to aggregate informative video content on a platform, becoming the "go-to brand for anything duct-related."

For that, consistent content archiving is necessary. Even experts in our field find it hard to access systematically organized information. We aim to compile everything about HVAC/ventilation equipment through video content.

We plan to share not only installation cases and product usage but also design insights and quotation tips through videos. Accumulating such information on a platform would benefit everyone from industry professionals to shop owners and general consumers.

Being a company that leads the digital transformation in the industry with content is the future DuctIn envisions. Although there's a long way to go, the increase in YouTube subscribers and sales trends shows potential.

We hope many of you will watch DuctIn's persistent efforts toward our goal. Lastly, I’d like to express gratitude to the staff at VideoStew. The guidance from a software company is crucial, and thanks to the kindness and passion of VideoStew's staff, producing video content became significantly easier! We look forward to continued support.

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