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How the marketing manager of Wips, the leading IP company in Korea, single-handedly created 60 video contents

WIPSCorp is leading the charge in the domestic market with an annual revenue of 38 billion won, operating the top patent search service, Wintelips, and WipsOn.

As a unique IP management company in Korea, it offers comprehensive services, not just online with AI-based search and automated technology classification, IT integrated management, but also offline services spanning the entire spectrum. From prior art searches to consulting, WIPSCorp provides all services related to IP such as patents, trademarks, and designs.

WIPSCorp has been using VideoStew since its early days and has been consistently engaging with it over the past year. We knew they were continuously creating content through customer service inquiries, but it was quite puzzling that nothing was uploaded on their linked YouTube channel.

However, this was all part of the big picture by the marketing manager, Mihee Park. Launching into video marketing by uploading a whopping 60 tutorial videos within two months!

Driven by curiosity, we couldn't help but request an interview. How is WIPSCorp utilizing videos, and what are their plans for the next steps? Let's hear the story from Mihee Park, manager of the Sales and Marketing Division at WIPSCorp!

Videos are most suitable for delivering professional knowledge to customers

Hello, I'm Mihee Park, manager at the Sales and Marketing Division of WIPSCorp. Wintelips and WipsOn, which we operate, are specialized services for patent search and analysis.

Given the unique nature of our business, there is a bit of a learning curve for potential customers to become accustomed to using our services.

So, we actively support the use of our services from phone consultations to face-to-face training through our customer service center. Of course, detailed manuals for each menu are also embedded in the online service, starting from PDF manuals.

However, providing text documents alone turned out not to be sufficient for proper onboarding. Considering our future customers, such as current university students, we realized the necessity of preparing video-based manuals.

Initially, we thought about outsourcing the production of video manuals. However, the need to explain the entire process of searching, analyzing, and utilizing patents, and the inefficiency of having to draw storyboards and communicate each detail made us rethink this approach.

Moreover, manuals need to always contain the latest information, and outsourcing this would make continuous management challenging, which was clear to see.

Therefore, we started considering how we could create video content with our internal resources and that's when we discovered VideoStew.

If you're using PowerPoint, VideoStew is the optimal choice for marketers

When exploring solutions to create video content internally, we set three conditions. VideoStew turned out to be the most suitable among them.

I mainly handle content creation for both internal and external clients in my marketing duties, including updates, blog postings, brochures, and PDF manuals. I create and manage all content that is presented to our customers.

Thus, I couldn't afford to spend a lot of time on video editing. But VideoStew, being similar to PowerPoint, allowed me to adapt very quickly and use it easily. (PowerPoint is the main tool I use for my work.)

We are using a brand plan, so VideoStew created custom templates for Wips, and as I looked through these templates, I quickly got a sense of how to use them. By examining the slides provided, I easily learned how to insert sound effects, set animations, and how I could apply them in various ways.

Our service is constantly updated, which means the instructional videos we are currently producing also need to be kept up to date.

But thanks to VideoStew's slide-based approach, it's easy to manage content by simply replacing the captures of updated slides. In fact, there are several contents on YouTube that have been deleted and re-uploaded in their latest versions.

Currently, we use VideoStew solely for video manuals, but the decision to adopt it was also because it makes it easy to transform blog postings into videos. It was a strategic move, considering its high utility for content creators.

Using VideoStew directly as a storyboard and final product is efficient

When we began working on video manuals, we planned to create a series of videos, each about 5-10 minutes long, for each feature.

And when producing each video, we skip the pre-planning and expand the slides one by one in VideoStew. Since it involves guiding through the features, the usage flow is predetermined.

We capture each scene and add narration with AI voice. To enhance the explanatory power, we sometimes add boxes over buttons or animations.

Then, we finalize the work by adjusting the narration speed if it's too fast or adding sound effects while previewing the entire video.

Initially, editing took a long time. I don't even know how many times we rendered the first video.

But now, as I've become accustomed to it, I can roughly imagine how it will turn out without needing a preview. This allows me to complete the narration silence, sound effects, and pronunciation all at once, based on imagination. Of course, improvements in AI voice performance and VideoStew's editing features have also played a significant role.

While I can't focus solely on this task and it's tough to precisely measure editing time, I've set a goal to complete a piece of content each day, and I've managed to do so. I think I've become twice as fast compared to the beginning.

The biggest advantage of VideoStew is that you can easily create decent outputs with as much effort as making a PowerPoint storyboard.

The videos we complete are uploaded to the official Wips YouTube channel. We share links in response to actual customer inquiries and create an environment to be exposed to new clients interested in patent searches.

It hasn't been long since we started uploading videos, and while there are no noticeable effects yet, our subscriber count is growing, and seeing it utilized by the actual customer center makes me very optimistic about the future.

Expanding coverage from blog-centric content marketing to video

The content I'm currently producing intermittently is a video on how to use WintelipsXWips. I've nearly covered all usage flows with about 60 videos, and it's about to be concluded soon.

The next step is to diversify our channels by turning the blog postings we do as part of our content marketing at Wips into videos.

In our blog's Intellectual Property Note section, we regularly upload well-researched, high-quality IP-related content. These contents, which are created after extensive research, deserve more than just being in written form, and given the current trend of video content, I believe well-planned projects can yield great results.

I also have a role where I need to listen to customer feedback and suggest improvements, so I pay close attention to the new feature notification pop-ups on VideoStew. I'm always on the lookout to see if there's anything that might be useful for me.

Thanks to the initial setup of templates, the video manual work is almost complete. I look forward to continued assistance from the VideoStew team in creating informative content. Here's to more great collaboration, VideoStew!

Wrapping Up the Interview

Wips' use case was very similar to the customer persona we had vaguely imagined when we first planned VideoStew.

That's why we asked for the interview, and it was surprising to hear that you had already considered and decided on numerous ways to utilize VideoStew when you adopted it.

Planning and strategizing in advance for things like outsourcing videos, updating service content, and the usability after completing manuals... Wow!

The meticulousness you showed by sending us a "VideoStew Usage Opinion" in a 12-page PDF document before our additional meeting was another surprise. Indeed, there's always a reason why efficient workers are just that.

We will review the feedback with our development team and implement it swiftly!

We appreciate your continued use and will do our best to support you smoothly into the next phase of content marketing and help you achieve great results. Thank you.

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