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How to make a Powerpoint into a video to create slideshow video

It is common to use PowerPoint for making presentation materials. However, PowerPoint has many dynamic effects such as animation, transition, and morphing. In other words, all the necessary functions for video making are already built-in.

You can even make videos like this above if you understand the PowerPoint animation timeline deeply. It’s a music video using the image of a K-pop idol group. It is made using only PowerPoint. Notable, isn’t it?

As PowerPoint is not a tool for making videos, you can still easily create slideshow videos with specific features. This post will show you the simplest and fastest way to create a slideshow video in PowerPoint.

Create image collages with Design Ideas

PowerPoint has a layout suggestion feature that automatically creates stunning image collages. That’s why you can put more than one image on a slide and easily change the layout through the Design Ideas panel. This is the first step in placing multiple photos on each slide.


Set slide transition effect


Transitions are a feature that can give you a nice effect between slides. For example, if you apply a push transition to the second slide, the second slide will appear while the first slide is pushed up. Check the sample below.


You can upload your own mp3 file through the Insert > Audio menu. The speaker icon will then appear on the screen like this.


Since you need to create a slideshow video with a PowerPoint, you need to change the settings slightly. Simply go to the Playback menu and set β€˜Play in Background.’ Then the options below will be activated.


  • Start Automatically
  • Play Across Slides
  • Loop Until Stopped
  • Hide During Show

These four options are important features to keep playing it as BGM in the video.

Export your presentation into video format

Click file> Export and change the file format to mp4 at the bottom.


The important thing here is to set the slide timing. For example, if this timing is set to 5 seconds, one slide will play for 5 seconds before moving on to the next slide. Now hit done, and your video file will be created in minutes. You can get this slideshow video below.


In this post, I spoke about how to make a brief slideshow video using PowerPoint. Actually, PowerPoint is not a professional video tool. All functions are there, but not all parts are convenient in terms of UX. For example, if you add subtitles or narration here, it gets more and more complicated. Suppose you want to create a more dynamic and complex video than a slideshow video. In this moment, I recommend startingΒ VideoStew.

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