You can share the rendered project on the web. You can copy the address and paste it into messengers such as KakaoTalk, and you can check the rendered video by [Open in new tab].

If you've inserted a link in the project description field, you can click on the link address to utilize it as a Call To Action (CTA) button.

Start with this template

You can copy the current project as it is and start working in the desired workspace. You can understand that a copy is created with all the work history remaining intact.


You can revert the project to a previous point. Refer to 'Save view' and 'Slide number' in the list and use 'Restore' to call up the project from a past point.


The current project you are working on is copied exactly as it is in the current workspace.

Send to Trash (Delete)

Deletes the current project. Projects moved to the trash can are not completely deleted until you empty the trash can.

Environment Settings

You can change settings for dark mode and the style of thumbnails, as well as the wizard mode.


Edit screen > Right-side top 'More' > Environment settings > General

< Environment Setting Common Menu >

Dark Mode

You can change the dark mode settings. 'Auto' changes the screen to dark at night and to light during the day automatically. You can always set it to 'Light' or 'Dark' as well.

Download Method

Change the method when downloading the rendered video. If the default method does not work, you can switch to the legacy method.

Home Screen

You can change the style of thumbnails that appear on the home screen. You can choose among 'Horizontal', 'Square', and 'Vertical', and if you often make portrait videos, 'Vertical' is recommended.

Edit Screen

You can change whether to activate Wizard Mode when creating 'New'.