Start Wizard Mode

When you start a new project, Wizard mode automatically opens. This Wizard mode is a method that allows you to easily create videos from default input or a blog URL. If you want to do it yourself, you can cancel the Wizard mode by clicking [Start Immediately].

The method to start a project in wizard mode is to follow the [Follow the Wizard] section to practice.

Wizard Mode Detailed Settings

In wizard mode, you can easily change various settings. Take a look at each menu for detailed settings.

Last settings

VideoStew always applies the options you set last when you start wizard mode to maintain high productivity. However, by pressing this button, you can apply your own custom templates or choose from the templates provided by VideoStew.

Project Size

You can choose the size (aspect ratio) of the project you want to work on. VideoStew supports work in all sizes of aspect ratios, and you can add and use custom sizes directly from the user menu.


Select the BGM of the project. You can apply a fade-in and it is good to set it to 230% in cases where the AI voice is included.


Select the AI voice to read the text in your project. You can preview the voice in advance and adjust the reading speed.

Transition Effects

You can set the transition effects for slides in advance. The default setting is Auto, and at this time, VideoStew's automatic animation is applied, which is the most recommended option. For detailed information about auto animations, please refer to the [Using Auto Animation] document.

Automatic Subtitles

Recommends video/image content that matches the text.

Menu Description
Insert Stock Video or Image Appropriately recommends videos and images that match your script.
Insert Stock Video Only Only recommends videos that match your content.

Do Nothing (Manual Edit)|Does not automate video script editing. Recommended when uploading your own filmed videos/images.


You can predefine the style in which the text will appear and the font to use. For more detailed information, please refer to the Text Element document.