Shortcut Key Information

Editing with just a mouse can be limiting for quick operations. Therefore, VideoStew provides various keyboard shortcuts for common editing tasks, which can be used alone or in combination with the mouse.

Area Shortcut Description
General Space Execute/Close preview of the selected slide
General Ctrl+S Save project
General ESC Close modal window, cancel operation, deselect
Entire Ctrl+Z Undo action
Entire Ctrl+Shift+Z Redo action
Editing Window Space+Drag Move stage view
Editing Window Ctrl+Click Select/Deselect multiple elements
Editing Window Ctrl+C Copy selected element (includes style copy)
Editing Window Ctrl+V Paste copied element
Editing Window Ctrl+Alt+V Paste copied element with style only
Editing Window After selecting an element L/R/U/D Move position of selected element
Editing Window After selecting an element Shift+L/R/U/D Move position of selected element by 1 pixel
Slide window Ctrl+Click Select/Deselect multiple slides
Slide window Shift+Click Select range of slides
Slide window Left Select previous slide
Slide window Shift+Left Extend selection to previous slide
Slide window Right Select next slide
Slide window Shift+Right Extend selection to next slide
Slide window Ctrl+A Select all slides