Home Screen

This is the screen that appears when you log into the site. Here, you can create and manage workspaces and projects. By default, your work is displayed at the center, and widgets for notifications may appear depending on your needs.

Workspaces and Projects

The home screen is centered around workspaces and projects. Let's take a quick look at what these two are.


A workspace is a higher-level concept for managing a brand and channels. If a company operates multiple channels, each channel corresponds to one workspace. And within such a workspace, you can contain multiple projects.


A project is a unit of work to create a single video. When you [render] a project, it becomes a video. Think of it as a single file that we often talk about. From the home screen, you can add/copy/render/delete projects, and you can also delete multiple projects at the same time. A single project is made up of multiple slides, which are managed in the editing screen.

Screen Composition

The home screen is composed of different features as shown below.

Home Tab

This is the menu that appears at the very top. You can see or change the currently selected workspace, search for work, switch to other menus, and find buttons for notifications of new messages (completed downloads, etc.) and account management.

Home Button

Move to the home screen or the first slide wherever you are. For instance, when you're on the 10th slide of your project, or in the searched results, or in the template list, pressing this button will change it to the first slide. ![]( < Move to the first slide at any time >


All maintained workspaces are displayed on the left sidebar. You can add a workspace by clicking the `+` button at the bottom, and you can invite collaborators or modify detailed information by clicking each workspace's settings button. (Creator plan or higher) ![]( < Workspace List > You can learn in detail how to add users to Workspaces in [Invite other users to Workspaces].

Search Assets

You can search for projects you have worked on by name and tags here. ![]( < Search Assets >


You have opened the help slide. Through the help slide, you can learn the basic usage and tips.


Open the blog that contains various news about VideoStew. The blog covers how the VideoStew team is developing through certain processes, and it continuously updates tips on video cooking and channel management from other users.


When the project rendering is complete, you will receive an alert here. By clicking, you can check all the recent alerts you have received.


There are settings/payment and log out buttons related to your account. In the account settings, you can change your email or password, and also update your subscription details through payment.

Side Menu


You can see the list of projects you have worked on. To be precise, these are the assets in this workspace. Would you like to share the list with other team members if it's shared?


You can view the list of deleted projects. By clicking on a project, you can open and view its contents, and recovery is also possible. You can permanently delete all projects through [Empty Trash].


You can view a variety of templates provided by VideoStew. When you select a template, a preview is displayed, and you can choose to either start working with the selected template or cancel. ![]( < Template selection and starting work >