We have collected questions that are frequently asked while using VideoStew.


What kind of videos can be uploaded?

We generally support the majority of video formats that are commonly used. You can check the detailed codec types at Amazon transcoder introduction slide.

What format will the rendered video be in?

The video is added as an mp4 file in h264 format, and the frame rate is 30fps.

Can I reduce the size of the downloaded video?

The rendered video is already compressed. However, we have proceeded with a level of compression that maintains reasonable quality, so in cases with a lot of content, the size can become quite large. In such cases, you can use external compression tools to further reduce the size significantly (at the cost of some quality). If you search for 'online video compressor' on Google, you can find various free compression tools to try. Please click the link below!

Are there no mosaic features?

In the current engine format, when giving a mosaic effect, it is possible; however, if the animation elements increase, a phenomenon called frame drop occurs. Therefore, until another rendering engine implementation, the feature might be difficult to provide. We are aiming to offer it in the long term.

Are there any limitations on file upload and project additions?

VideoStew imposes certain limits on each project and upload size, as well as AI voice settings, to provide stable service. The standards for each are as follows:

  • Individual image upload size: 20MB
  • Individual video upload size: 250MB
  • Maximum length of a single AI voice text: 1,000 characters
  • Maximum length of the text input window: 5,000 characters or 150 sentences
  • Maximum project duration: 10 minutes (20 minutes for the premium plan)
  • Maximum number of slides within a project: 400 slides
  • Maximum number of elements within a slide: 100 elements

The shortcuts are not working

If shortcuts are not functioning, you can first suspect the browser's extensions. There is a high chance that it's related to a keyboard-involved extension. You can resolve the issue by exempting VideoStew ( in the settings of the respective extension or by disabling the problematic extension. If you're not sure which extension is causing the issue, you should access [Window > Extensions] from the upper side menu and disable them one by one to find the problematic extension.

The element is not visible

Can I upload videos/images I have?

Select the video or image from your computer and drag and drop it into the editing screen to add the image, which will be stored in the "User" tab.

Furthermore, when uploading multiple files at once, if you drag and drop them into the left side Library Window, they will not be added to the editing screen, but only to the library. If you are curious about how to upload directly from a mobile device, please refer to the [Mobile Device File Upload Guide](

The narration doesn't read properly. Can I adjust it as I wish?

If the narration sounds strange, or if only the main words are shown and the actual content to be read is different, we recommend using the method of utilizing the external text area. ![]( Enter the text that will appear on the screen and click on [Read by AI Voice](/guide/edit/basic/text/enable-tts) option; outside the screen, enter the actual content to be read.

The narration pronunciation sounds strange

In the case of AI Voice, we use engines from third-party services (Google/Naver, etc.). Our experience shows that engines are often upgraded through learning, but sometimes errors occur when reading certain phrases strangely. When such cases are detected, we provide feedback to the service provider, but due to the characteristics of AI implementation, it is impossible to manually correct these errors. The improvement is done through relearning over time, and thus, processing may take longer. The best solution is to temporarily avoid the problematic pronunciation by modifying the text.

Narration skips and goes to the next slide

If AI Voice has not read all the text on one slide and moves on, it could be a temporary network error or a miscalculation of narration timing. In such cases, you can recalibrate the duration of the narration by clicking the [Narration > Recalculate Timing] button. ![](

Can I manage frequently used elements separately?

You can easily manage all elements through [Favorites](/guide/edit/basic/bg-color/favorites). All elements of VideoStew, including videos, images, shapes, texts, colors, music, etc., can be added to the [Favorites](/guide/edit/basic/bg-color/favorites) tab for easy reuse. ![](

Can I display my uploaded image to fill the screen?

You can change the display method of the image by setting the 'Internal Display Mode'. By default, images that you have added yourself or copied from a website are entered with 'Original Proportion' as the 'Internal Display Mode'. You can change this setting to 'Fill Screen' and then use the handles to adjust to the desired size. Furthermore, when the 'Internal Display Mode' is set to 'Fill Screen' or 'Slowly Enlarge', you can easily fit the entire screen by using the 'Auto Fit' function on the right side panel. ![](

What is the automatic slide division? (deprecated)

! The automatic slide division feature has been moved to the [Application Unit](/guide/edit/basic/text/text-animation/2ei266m) of text animation. Please refer to the text animation documentation for detailed information. In VideoStew, a slide signifies a single scene. It would be great if you could divide your text into units thinking of it as showing along with a background video. ![](스크린샷_2023-05-03_오후_10.21.48.png?_=1i565bh) However, if a slide has too much text, you can use the [automatic slide division] feature to make it output in one or two lines for easier viewing. Because the sync of automatically generated text with the speech is taken care of, you don't have to worry too much; the subtitles will match the audio perfectly. But if the timing of a particular line doesn't match, you can manually adjust the sync of the subtitles.

My microphone's volume is not being recorded properly

First, please check if the waveform is properly visible when recording with the microphone. If the waveform isn't visible, you need to verify if the microphone permissions are properly set. ![](스크린샷_2023-04-03_오후_12.27.17.png?_=1i2khvk) If you've allowed the microphone but keep getting a message to continue allowing it, you should check the input device settings in your operating system (such as Windows). If you are a Windows user, please refer to [this document](마이크를-설정하고-테스트하는-windows-ba9a4aab-35d1-12ee-5835-cccac7ee87a4).

Your video has been flagged for copyright infringement on YouTube

Most copyright claims on YouTube are due to music copyrights. To prevent this, you need to take action in advance by adding your YouTube channel URL to your workspace so that copyright infringement claims do not occur. You can check the detailed method in the link below. For videos that have already been added, please re-upload them after entering your YouTube channel information, or notify us of each video's address individually so that we can manually process your request.

How can I add my YouTube channel?

After hovering over the desired workspace, go to Edit > YouTube Channel > Enter the address of the YouTube channel and confirm ![]( You must add your YouTube channel address to receive proper music usage rights from VideoStew's BGM music exemption service 'SelbyMusic'.

The quality of the uploaded image/video is low

The images/videos displayed on the editing screen are shown in lower resolution/quality to facilitate efficient editing. When you download the actual image or video, it supports up to near-original quality (up to a maximum of 1080p standard). Therefore, you can ignore the low quality displayed during editing.

The quality of the rendered video is degraded

If the quality of a typically rendered video is degraded, the issue is not with the rendering itself, but rather with issues that have combined after rendering elsewhere. If there is no problem when checking the rendered video itself, you should examine the following issues. - If you have transferred the rendered video via a messenger like KakaoTalk, the messenger will compress it once more. Messengers generally compress videos to lower quality in order to optimize for network performance. In this case, you should set the quality to 'Original' or 'High' in the messenger settings before transferring, or you should directly upload the mp4 without going through the messenger. - If the quality is too poor when viewed on YouTube, you should check the speed of your network. YouTube may automatically stream a lower quality version if the user's network is slow. You can forcibly change the quality to a higher setting in the YouTube player, or try checking the quality by opening it where a stable network is ensured.

Clicking download does not download the file

![](스크린샷_2023-11-27_오후_3.19.06.png?_=1im8d83) Extensions in the Chrome browser may cause the download button to not work properly. In this case, you can go to 'Home > Environment Settings > General' and change the download method to 'Classic mode' and then try again. VideoStew generally provides support for standard mp4 video files. It is not possible to embed links in these standard videos. Links on videos from platforms like YouTube or TikTok are added by uploading options provided by the platform, and link overlays are added to the video on the user's screen. In other words, depending on the platform, it is a feature provided by the platform, so when you upload the video rendered from VideoStew, please proceed according to the settings of the platform.


Can I try the experience before paying?

Of course. When you sign up for VideoStew, you can experience it for free for 14 days. Additionally, by participating in our [Online Classes](, you can learn how to use VideoStew, and of course, we provide a 1-month usage right (Personal Plan). Furthermore, content produced in the trial version can be freely distributed on the channel of your choice, according to the terms of VideoStew.

Can I request custom template creation?

Yes! For Brand Plan customers, we support the creation of the necessary templates after analyzing the customer's situation through a [1:1 Online Meeting]( Once a template is created, you can continue to produce videos with the same feel using only the default inputs.

How do I add a coupon?

If you have received a coupon (voucher), you can add it via the [Account and Payment > Coupon]( menu. Coupons are applicable only once per new account. ![](스크린샷_2023-03-17_오전_10.36.12.png?_=1i17h6m)

I logged in with my Naver ID but I haven't received the verification email!

When logging in with a Naver ID, a mail is sent to the 'contact email' instead of the Naver email address. Therefore, if you update your 'contact email', you can request the verification email again. For more detailed information, please check the link at [Naver Customer Center]( 1. Log in to Naver. 2. Click on the NaverID button in the login area. 3. In the profile area, click on the button to edit the verification email on the right. ![](네이버로그인.png?_=1ifvta6)

How do I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe, please proceed by going to Home Screen > Upper Right Account Profile > Account and Payment > Unsubscribe. The direct link is as follows. Unsubscribe Slide:


Is there a discount available for educational purposes?

Yes! We offer specially priced educational plans based on the usage purpose and the number of required accounts. Please inquire through [Contact Us](/contact-us).

Can I receive a tax invoice?

All payments are processed online through card payment transactions as the default payment method. It is possible to receive a cost breakdown and handle tax matters via card statements. However, if you specifically need a tax invoice, please request it separately, and the payment will be processed through account transfer.

I want to cancel my payment.

If you are in the middle of a monthly automatic payment and wish to cancel the subscription at any time, you can do so, and no further repetitive charges will be made after the period has ended. VideoStew calculates refunds for the unused period in credits if you cancel, since it operates on a period usage right payment method (however, if the payment point is within 7 days, a full refund is processed). Home screen > Account Click (Top right corner) > Account and Payment > Payment tab ![](스크린샷_2023-09-25_오후_9.21.48.png?_=1ih2us9) Click the [Stop Automatic Payment] button and then the [Request Refund] button!

I'm curious about the pricing.

Pricing information is provided at [Pricing](/pricing), where you can compare the features of each plan in detail through a feature comparison chart.

How can I check how much rendering time I've used?

You can check the remaining rendering time by clicking on the nickname in the download window and the top right corner of the home screen.

Check rendering time in the video download menu

![](스크린샷_2023-10-12_오후_4.34.07.png?_=1iif8fn) VideoStew updates rendering times monthly, based on the period from the 1st to the end of the month; information on the total available rendering time for this month is provided. Reaching 100% means no more rendering time is available, and you can check how much of the total time has been used on the priority panel.

Click on the nickname to check the rendering time in account information

![](스크린샷_2023-10-12_오후_4.34.32.png?_=1iif8i8) By clicking on the nickname on the home screen, you can check the current status of the rendering time usage.

What is video rendering?

Once the work is complete, cloud server rendering proceeds to create the video file. Each plan includes a monthly allocation of rendering time; for example, if you render a one-minute video, one minute of rendering time will be deducted. The rendering deduction is indifferent to content and is only related to the amount of time used.

Rendering Usage

Rendering usage is initialized periodically on the 1st of every month. Regardless of the payment time, it's based on the 1st of the month, which makes the management of usage more straightforward. This policy is slightly more advantageous to users because they can use both the maximum usage of the month when subscribing and the maximum usage of the month when canceling. Furthermore, this monthly policy is operated for a more rational usage experience. For example, if there was unused time from the previous month, you can use it as additional rendering time after using all of this month's quota. This month, only the unused portion from the previous month is available. ``` Example) Personal Plan (10 / 60 + 25) You used 10 minutes out of 60 this month, and you can use an additional 25 minutes that were not used last month. ``` To check your rendering usage, you can confirm it by clicking the profile button at the top right of the home screen. Also, rendering usage is always displayed at the top of the editing screen.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is permanently accumulated per account. If you exceed the limit of your plan, you need to upgrade your plan or regularly clean up unused storage. To check your storage capacity, you can confirm it by going to Home > Top right corner > Profile button > Account and Payment > Usage tab.

Are there any events/promotions where I can get free usage rights?

VideoStew is running a promotion where you can get 1 month of personal plan usage rights for free. Please check the details for the current promotions below.

Get 1 month free usage by leaving a VideoStew review

After watching the VideoStew tutorial video, leave a review and you can receive a free one-month subscription. The review must be written in detail and personally crafted; reviews automatically generated using GPT or similar cannot participate in the event. (Well-crafted reviews or those posted on your own domain may undergo an internal review to provide a two-month subscription.) Next are the instructions for participating in the review event. 1. [Subscribe to the VideoStew YouTube channel]( 2. [Watch VideoStew Online Class Lecture Videos]( 3. Leave a review of using VideoStew on your blog or other owned channels (include lecture video address and VideoStew site address): No need for text posting; you can post on all SNS such as YouTube or Facebook. However, if you post review content on a domain you own, we will provide an additional one month usage right. 4. Leave the URL containing the review at [Inquiry]( of VideoStew, and receive one month usage right


Can I use it without worrying about copyright issues?

All libraries provided by VideoStew, including image/video libraries, can be used for personal and commercial distribution purposes without copyright concerns. However, if you wish to add a video using BGM to your YouTube channel, your YouTube channel address must be registered with the workspace. The method for registering your YouTube channel address can be found [here](account/youtube-register). However, in the case of Giphy (GIFs), we only provide search and embedding for the convenience of the user, and Giphy only permits usage for personal objectives. Therefore, parts of the Giphy list that are used in error without the consent of the users are not our responsibility. Furthermore, we provide resources with limited copyright issues; however, the user must ensure that the content they upload is not infringing. The user must filter and use only those things that have no licensing issues.

There is a problem with the site

There can be several reasons for problems on the website. Below are the common causes and solutions.

Internal Network Block

In places where security is important, such as companies, it is possible to block connections to certain websites. To check if you are blocked, try accessing If there is no problem when connecting with a mobile phone in LTE mode, and issues only arise when connecting with a computer, it is likely that this is the problem. Please contact your network administrator to request access permission to

Cache Clearing State

VideoStew often updates several times even within a single day. If new code has mixed with old code, script errors can occasionally occur. In this case, you can solve most problems simply by refreshing. If the problem persists, perform [Clear Cache]( in your browser settings.


Many Chrome extensions modify the code and behavior of web slides by injecting themselves into web slides. If a feature that was working suddenly stops, it is likely that this issue is related to these extensions. The simplest way to diagnose is to try accessing in Incognito Mode. If the script mode operates normally, disable the problematic extension programs. Recently installed extension programs or those related to ad blockers, VPNs, proxies, or security are likely to be the culprits. If not such cases, disable extensions by 510 each in the extension slide and check to find the problematic extension program. If you are using a well-functioning extension, you can add VideoStew site to the exception list in the settings of that extension.

YouTube upload is not working

After rendering a video in VideoStew, you can upload it to YouTube with just one click. Typically, after you press the upload button, it uploads within a few minutes to YouTube Studio. ![]( < Message indicating that the upload has started > However, there might be issues with network conditions or account connectivity that can prevent a proper upload. In such cases, you can try to delete VideoStew's access from Google account management and attempt the upload again. Please refer to the following steps.

Google account management access

Clicking the account icon in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser will take you to the Google account environment settings menu. ![]( < Move to Google Account Management Menu >

Click on Data and Personal Information Protection

Here, please select the "Data and Personal Information Protection" menu on the left side. ![](스크린샷_2023-08-08_오전_11.47.14.png?_=1id3bjl)

Click on Data of the Apps and Services in Use

Scroll down to find the "Data of the Apps and Services in Use" menu, and here all services that have been granted access permissions are listed. ![](스크린샷_2023-08-08_오전_11.50.01.png?_=1id3bl0)

Delete All Connections to VideoStew in Third-Party App Services

Find VideoStew and select it. Then, by clicking on "Delete All Connections to VideoStew," you can reset the account linkage. ![](스크린샷_2023-08-08_오전_11.48.59.png?_=1id3bmi)

Proceed with the Account Connection by Clicking the Upload Button to YouTube Again

Now, by pressing the YouTube upload button again, you can re-establish a new YouTube account connection. Please re-select the channel you wish to upload to and proceed with the video upload! If it doesn't work, there's a high chance of a temporary network error. In such cases, please let us know through [VideoStew Support](/cs) and we will check it for you.

Upload doesn't work due to exceeding the limit

VideoStew is a web-based service with some [limitations]( If the files you upload directly are images and sound/music files, they can be up to 20MB, and videos up to 250MB. If the original video size is larger than this and cannot be uploaded, you can use the [Online Free Trimming Tool]( to split the file and upload it. .