Is there a discount available for educational purposes?

Yes! We offer specially priced educational plans based on the usage purpose and the number of required accounts. Please inquire through Contact Us.

Can I receive a tax invoice?

All payments are processed online through card payment transactions as the default payment method. It is possible to receive a cost breakdown and handle tax matters via card statements. However, if you specifically need a tax invoice, please request it separately, and the payment will be processed through account transfer.

I want to cancel my payment.

If you are in the middle of a monthly automatic payment and wish to cancel the subscription at any time, you can do so, and no further repetitive charges will be made after the period has ended. VideoStew calculates refunds for the unused period in credits if you cancel, since it operates on a period usage right payment method (however, if the payment point is within 7 days, a full refund is processed).

Home screen > Account Click (Top right corner) > Account and Payment > Payment tab

Click the [Stop Automatic Payment] button and then the [Request Refund] button!

I'm curious about the pricing.

Pricing information is provided at Pricing, where you can compare the features of each plan in detail through a feature comparison chart.

How can I check how much rendering time I've used?

You can check the remaining rendering time by clicking on the nickname in the download window and the top right corner of the home screen.

Check rendering time in the video download menu

VideoStew updates rendering times monthly, based on the period from the 1st to the end of the month; information on the total available rendering time for this month is provided. Reaching 100% means no more rendering time is available, and you can check how much of the total time has been used on the priority panel.

Click on the nickname to check the rendering time in account information

By clicking on the nickname on the home screen, you can check the current status of the rendering time usage.

What is video rendering?

Once the work is complete, cloud server rendering proceeds to create the video file. Each plan includes a monthly allocation of rendering time; for example, if you render a one-minute video, one minute of rendering time will be deducted. The rendering deduction is indifferent to content and is only related to the amount of time used.

Rendering Usage

Rendering usage is initialized periodically on the 1st of every month. Regardless of the payment time, it's based on the 1st of the month, which makes the management of usage more straightforward. This policy is slightly more advantageous to users because they can use both the maximum usage of the month when subscribing and the maximum usage of the month when canceling.

Furthermore, this monthly policy is operated for a more rational usage experience. For example, if there was unused time from the previous month, you can use it as additional rendering time after using all of this month's quota. This month, only the unused portion from the previous month is available.

Example) Personal Plan (10 / 60 + 25)
You used 10 minutes out of 60 this month, and you can use an additional 25 minutes that were not used last month.

To check your rendering usage, you can confirm it by clicking the profile button at the top right of the home screen. Also, rendering usage is always displayed at the top of the editing screen.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is permanently accumulated per account. If you exceed the limit of your plan, you need to upgrade your plan or regularly clean up unused storage.

To check your storage capacity, you can confirm it by going to Home > Top right corner > Profile button > Account and Payment > Usage tab.

Are there any events/promotions where I can get free usage rights?

VideoStew is running a promotion where you can get 1 month of personal plan usage rights for free. Please check the details for the current promotions below.

Get 1 month free usage by leaving a VideoStew review

After watching the VideoStew tutorial video, leave a review and you can receive a free one-month subscription. The review must be written in detail and personally crafted; reviews automatically generated using GPT or similar cannot participate in the event. (Well-crafted reviews or those posted on your own domain may undergo an internal review to provide a two-month subscription.)

Next are the instructions for participating in the review event.

  1. Subscribe to the VideoStew YouTube channel
  2. Watch VideoStew Online Class Lecture Videos
  3. Leave a review of using VideoStew on your blog or other owned channels (include lecture video address and VideoStew site address): No need for text posting; you can post on all SNS such as YouTube or Facebook. However, if you post review content on a domain you own, we will provide an additional one month usage right.
  4. Leave the URL containing the review at Inquiry of VideoStew, and receive one month usage right