Are there any events/promotions where I can get free usage rights?

VideoStew is running a promotion where you can get 1 month of personal plan usage rights for free. Please check the details for the current promotions below.

Get 1 month free usage by leaving a VideoStew review

After watching the VideoStew tutorial video, leave a review and you can receive a free one-month subscription. The review must be written in detail and personally crafted; reviews automatically generated using GPT or similar cannot participate in the event. (Well-crafted reviews or those posted on your own domain may undergo an internal review to provide a two-month subscription.)

Next are the instructions for participating in the review event.

  1. Subscribe to the VideoStew YouTube channel
  2. Watch VideoStew Online Class Lecture Videos
  3. Leave a review of using VideoStew on your blog or other owned channels (include lecture video address and VideoStew site address): No need for text posting; you can post on all SNS such as YouTube or Facebook. However, if you post review content on a domain you own, we will provide an additional one month usage right.
  4. Leave the URL containing the review at Inquiry of VideoStew, and receive one month usage right