How did it all begin

There are already many impressive tools in the world. For graphics, there's Photoshop; for videos, there's Premiere, Final Cut, After Effects, etc. The problem is they are professional tools, which means creating the videos we imagine is too complicated. There's so much to learn and you need theoretical knowledge and intuition about videos! And paying a professional to do it is more expensive than you think.

Conversely, there are tools that will create for you even if you have no knowledge at all. Just upload photos or videos and they automatically add music, apply filters, and show them as a slideshow. There are many in the App Store or Google Play, free web sites. But this is too simple to edit, and it's not up to the standard to operate a YouTube channel, create stories, or use for marketing/advertising.

VideoStew was conceived for situations like this. We thought of a way to create videos as quickly as possible, at minimal cost, without the need for learning. Our target customers are not so much video producers themselves, but rather people who want to engage and attract fans through videos. Instead, sophisticated motion graphics or emotional cut editing can be somewhat challenging.

And we thought that this process is similar to cooking. Cooking is now an essential existence like videos in today's era. And it's not about enjoying the cooking itself, but we still have to cook to survive, right? Wouldn't it be nice if we could make that necessity into something fun and convenient? That's why we named it VideoStew (in fact, stew also has a hidden meaning of studio).