Edit multiple slides at once

Editing Consistent Elements Across Multiple Slides

Creating video content often involves adding many slides, even if they are in slide format. That means a tremendous amount of editing work is necessary. VideoStew has introduced a bulk editing concept to block such laborious tasks and provide a comfortable editing environment.

Then you can see that the font color of the text has been changed in all selected slides. The location or size, typeface (font), etc., are all applicable. And besides the text, all things such as videos/images/shapes are also possible.

Select the same slide format at once

By using the [Set Slide Note] feature of VideoStew, you can apply a specific format to each slide. When editing, there are often times when you just want to select a particular layout and edit everything at once. For example, if you want to edit a `head` slide to insert an interstitial title at once, you can select the relevant slide and then press the `Ctrl` key to select the number on the bottom navigator. ![]( < Select the same format slides at once >