Create Your Own Recipe (Template)

In the editing screen, you can create reusable templates by entering keywords such as intro or outro in each slide note. Templates with specified slide notes are retained as is when starting with Wizard Mode, making it convenient to prepare intro or outro videos that fit your channel.

The video below will be used in this guide. You can copy it to your workspace by copying it and then follow the steps below.

Specifying Slide Notes

The first thing to do is to specify slides that will be repeatedly used as intros and outros, as well as the thumbnail images. When you click the number in the [Slide Window](/guide/edit/view/slide-navigator), the 'Slide Note' menu appears. Here, you can assign the role for each slide. The available slide note types are as follows. |Code|Role| |--|--| |title|Specify as the first slide of the project for setting the title| |intro|Use to display the channel logo or convey important core messages| |head|A slide for expressing transitions between scenes or the sequence of first, second, etc., in the middle of content| |outro|Placed at the end of the project and used for CTA (likes, subscription requests)| First, select slides 1 and 2 by clicking with `shift` + `mouse click`, then in the pop-up window called 'slide note', type 'intro'. In the same manner, select slides 4 and 5 and specify them as 'outro'. By doing this, slide 3, which is not assigned any role, becomes the main text slide where various contributors' inputted texts are displayed, while the intro and outro consistently follow. ![](

Importing my created work into a new project

Let's try starting over in [wizard mode] again. Click 'Final settings' on the left sidebar in the last setting stage, then after clicking 'Load Work', select the project you just created. ![]( With all the main text replaced, intro and outro slides can easily be reactivated.