Invite Students with Student ID in the School-exclusive Solution

If you are using the School-exclusive Access Slide, students can use the service without any separate registration process.

Of course, teachers must register via email. In the state logged in with the teacher account, you will learn about how to add workspaces and invite students.

Adding Workspaces by Class

Typically, when you conduct classes, you will add workspaces by class. You can add workspaces in the following steps.

Add a New Workspace

Click the + button under the default workspace to add a new workspace. You can add workspaces by class or group, and only the invited students for each workspace can view it.

Invite Students to the Workspace

You can invite students through the "Collaborators" menu right below. Since the school solution allows joining with the student ID of each school, you can copy and paste the student ID list from Excel. You can copy multiple lines at once and a single workspace can invite up to 60 people.

If you invite to only one workspace together, each personal workspace is added separately. We recommend that students submit their projects through the Share feature.