Follow the wizard

When you first learn computer programming, the very first thing you do is not computer theory or history, nor hardware. It starts with printing the letters "Hello World" on the screen.

< Coding starts with Hello World >

Through this, it's a simple feeling of 'I did something at least.' Let's start this way too. If you're not sure where to start with Starting Tutorial, please prepare by detaching this guide or viewing it alongside while editing in VideoStew.

In this practice, we'll try making the following video.

< Make and watch the video >

Add Project

Let's assume you're on the home screen first. Click the 'Start New Recipe' button on the upper left side.

< Add New Project >

Start Wizard Mode

Then the wizard mode will appear automatically. When you add a new project, it will be displayed first. Set the title as "First Project", and then click the "Next" button.

In the next screen, select "Script" and click "Next".

Adding Content

The next screen will be a slide where you actually insert the content. Just create three lines below and insert them.

This is my first project with VideoStew.
With VideoStew, you can easily produce videos with just the default inputs.
I look forward to telling stories I want with VideoStew and turning them into videos.

< Inserting content into the wizard >

If the text above fits into one line, you can use the Enter key to separate the paragraphs. Once you have entered all the content as shown above, click "Next".

Finishing Touches

Now you can see the screen where you can set up your voiceover, BGM, fonts, etc. If you use these settings frequently later on, you may become familiar with them; however, they are not important right now so just hit "Complete" to proceed.

< Detailed Settings Screen >

Automatic Video Matching

Now our content will be automatically matched with a video background, and a corresponding stock video will be automatically matched to the content.

< Automatically matching video to the content >

Preview the Entire Video

Now we have come to the step for final editing. Looking at the unedited video screen, are you feeling lost about where to start? But don't worry. If you follow me closely, you can complete the video without any problems.

Do you see the [Preview](/guide/edit/view/top/preview) button at the top of the screen? Click the ▼ right next to it and try selecting "Preview". Does it display the splendid video made based on the content you all created?

Rendering and Download

So far, your project only exists on the VideoStew server. Now it's time to render it and download it to "My Computer". Do you see the "Download" button on the right side of the screen? Click it. A download window will open below. Click "Rendering" on the far left there. It is the process of converting the worked item into a video. ![]( After a short while, you'll be able to see that the "Download" next to it has been activated. Click it and now the real completed video (mp4) will be downloaded to "My Computer". Open the explorer (or finder) and go to the download folder to play it! Congratulations, you've created a single video (complete mp4)! Now start bragging to your friends on SNS or KakaoTalk, saying "This is the video I made"! The adventure begins now. !The download folder depends on the browser settings. If you don't know where the downloaded video is, please refer to [Check downloaded video].