Upload to YouTube

Congratulations to those who have followed the practice well up to this point. You are the ones who have a good grasp of how to utilize VideoStew! I congratulate you once again! If you've become comfortable with uploading to YouTube, you're ready to create your own channel and try out something new!

Setting Up a YouTube Channel

First things first, you need a channel to upload to YouTube, right? Follow the steps below to set up your channel.

Create a New YouTube Channel

After logging into YouTube, click on the 'My Account' icon on the upper right side, and you'll find a "Create Channel" button. Click this button and set your channel name and [handle] address. Think of the [handle] address as your channel URL that can be used in the format

<Create a YouTube Channel>

If you've already set up your channel, you may skip this step and proceed to the next one.

Upload from the Editing Screen

Once you have a channel, you can move to the project's Editing Screen to upload. Select the project you want to upload from the Home Screen and move to the Editing Screen.

If the rendering is already complete, you will see the YouTube button on the top side (if the project hasn't been rendered yet, click the Download button on the top side and perform rendering first). Press the YouTube button.

< YouTube Upload Window >

Now you can set the title and description of the video you want to upload to YouTube. After crafting your content, press the YouTube button at the bottom right to complete the upload.

<Title and Description Input>